Review : Origins Charcoal Mask

This Origins Clear Improvements face mask with active bamboo charcoal, white china clay and lecithin acts like a magnet to draw out pore-cloggers and dissolve impurities. The white China clay works to absorb environmental toxins and lecithin dissolves impurities.         This product is meant to help remove environmental toxins and dirt that clog pores. It also aids in helping facial skin look less overcast by leaving it clarified and refreshed.

The fact that this face mask comes in 4 separate pods makes this product incredible for travel because you can just snap one of the pods off and take it with you wherever you’re going, using barely any space at all.

I also believe the product to be very good value, because it’s obviously far cheaper than buying the full-sized tube and you still get about 16 uses out of the 4 pods.

This mask cleared out my face like nothing else. It makes your face super tight while it’s on, but as soon as you wash it off your face is left perfectly balanced, baby-smooth soft, and free of all impurities like large pores and blackheads. My blackheads were literally gone. Vanished. After half an hour with that mask on my face, I am beyond pleased with the results






Foundations Review: Hotness/HotMess?

A great foundation needs to offer buildable coverage that works for everyone (not everyone needs full coverage but most foundations can be built up for full coverage), doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines, wears well on a variety of skin types and lasts all day. A good foundation will also come in a nice selection of shades to match a large variety of skin tones.

I have definitely come across my favorites and narrowing them down was actually pretty easy because there are very few great foundations that meet all of my high expectations; these do.

As I mentioned, all of these top 10 makeup foundations are suitable for every skin type. While most of them are liquid foundations, I do have a few powder foundations that are really exceptional that made the top 10 foundations list. These foundations do range in price. One of the top foundations is a Drugstore foundation.

but the rest are Department store Foundations(or from specialty stores like Sephora and Ulta).

One of the best that i like to use if i need medium coverage is surprisingly a drug store one :


I love this foundation, It has a natural-matte finish that minimizes the appearance of pores, really creating a nice, flawless looking finish. I think that this is a light to medium coverage foundation, although you can definitely built it up, but due to the fact that it has such a flat, matte finish, layering the product can make it appear a bit cakey.


verdict: Hotness 90%