Skin Care essential Oils

Coconut Oil

Not only It is great for cooking, but it’s also a fantastic moisturizer. I rub it on my entire body after I shower. My skin feels so soft afterwards. I even use it in my hair. I rub the excess on damp hair as a leave-in treatment or for a deep treatment I’ll put a thick layer in my hair and leave it in over night then wash it out the next day. (Note that your hair will still be a little greasy for the next couple washes.) It softens hair and helps it grow really fast and healthy. Have you ever noticed the ingredients on the back of a lotion bottle of conditioner? Check it out. There’s tons of alcohols, sulfates, and a bunch of other crap I can’t even pronounce. When you look at the ingredients on the back of this product, there’s only one ingredient: coconut oil. 🙂 it also is a great daily supplement for beautiful hair and skin from the inside out! It has a wonderful non-greasy feel as well and absorbs really fast!


Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloe Vera gel capsules are great for lots of things! You can open them and put them on burns or cuts or you can take them daily. They are great for the digestive tract and for your hair! These are affordable and work great!They are also so calming and relaxing, refreshing on a hot summer day it just cools you down while tightening your face and giving it the right amount of hydration.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is primarily used as an antiseptic.It is a wonderful product to use on acne spots on your face. After you wash your face, blot some on a q-tip and apply to any troubled areas. Literally overnight you will notice a reduction in size and redness, and you will also notice that it is starting to dry up. the down side is that it has a strong smell, but for the goods it does.. who cares?

Vitamin E Oil

WE all know that Vitamin e is good for the skin! It helps clear up dark spots and scars!I actually use this in my hair!! It’s a great hair recovery agent for when your hair is just fried with split ends and super damaged!! This helps a lot with scars, lightening acne scars & fading away pesky dark marks from acne or blackheads. It’s pure & all natural which makes the healing process a lot quicker for your skin & I always feel very hydrated after using this.

Almond Oil

Almond oil can be great for the skin and I like to use it in a couple mask and all that type of spa things. A little can go a long way for me but this is the type I always grab because it works and easy to find!This helped in reducing dark spots on face. I have used it on my hair. My hair became so soft and shiny.I use this for making my own hand lotion as well as lip balms!!! The almond oil is a great oil and antioxidant to use for all different types of purposes!!!’





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