lipsatittude featuring Huda beauty and Mac cosmetics

Hello Lovebuds!

How is your week going so far?

I have been testing some new goodies ..and i came up to top 2 for a holiday look! Crazy right?!!! Im a lipstick hoarder but still managed to trim down my preferences to 2🤭!!

I feel like i betrayed every other color that i meticulously have picked up !

But anyways! I have been looking for the perfect red pout💋💋 i have tried every single red lipstick in sephora but none of them convinced me!! I stopped by ulta tried a couple still nothing captured my attention ! I was skeptical at first to try maccosmetics! For the only reason is that i think their products are way overpriced.. but one did get my attention when i saw one testing it..i tried it and it was a wow moment..😱😮!! I just had to get it!

Mac retro matt liquid lip color •dance with me•

The other one is huda beauty Metallic lip gloss! Im a big fan of her matte lipstick/lipgloss..but since i tried the the metallic one i was like wow ✨✨


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